Hello All,

I wanted to share with you that our Feature Documentary about
TimeBanking is finally done!!

Please enjoy the trailer and if you like it, "Like It"

Also if you have any means or connections to help us get distribution
please pass this on!


Thanks so much!
Mark e.

P.S. the poster was done by the one and only GreyJay

Hello All,

I am sending a mass email to try and get votes for a grant to help Lenore's and my Documentary Film.

If you can help us please click on the link below,
then click on the giant "check" to vote for us.

It is a film about Timebanking, which is a way of trading services without money!

also please forward to whoever you can! (the power of the tree or Kevin Bacon connection)

thanks so much,
Mark e.

"You never get any real perspective in Hollywood 'cause it's always covered in smog."

1) To Vegas
2) Griffith Park
3) Costa Mesa

"God, I'm still here on south oxford"

1) The Excalibur
2) Binion's
3) Four Queens

"love is blind, deaf, and ...dumb ...; and mildly retarded"

1) whiskey/soda
2) chilled red wine
3) tequila/soda

"the bees are dropping like flies"

1) beavis and butthead
2) star trek next generation
3) music docs from net flix (the police, eurythmics, tina turner...)

"i'm ready to buy my lot in life, just waiting for the price to drop a little bit more."

1) living room
2) "frank n hanks"
3) "the bounty"@the gaylord